Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mike Howel Death and Obituary, Cause of Death

I'm just so thankful so many celebrities are educated, well-informed political scientist! Makes it so much easier to blindly trust anything they say! #sobrave

That will never happen with the current Democrat party. Their mission is to divide and conquer until they are the one and only power. They feed the hatred and division with outright lies. They cannot accept defeat with dignity as witnessed these past 4 years.

Democrats have done everything in their power to divide this country for the past 4 years. Now they want to play nice.

Tell that to the bias liberal media who's responsible for the divide and hatred!

Only one side is rioting in the streets and beating people up, attacking the police so I think yeah they need to understand that you don’t always get your way!

I’m not certain we can come together as a nation. One side wants freedoms, transparency, reasonable taxes, law and order and respect for God and our country and our constitution. The other side wants chaos, give always, severely high taxes, loss of all freedoms, a Godless nation, Communism cloaked as socialism and defunding of all policing. There really is no middle ground.

No matter what, this is a divided country. No celebrity can bring us all together. We have really always been divided. I think people like it that way. We could be a lot more civil.

Sure, Matthew, but we'd better 'do better' at fighting Socialism and the loss of our basic Freedoms. We can certainly, as individuals and as a society, do better than that!

I just love hearing from celebrities dishing out out advice when all they usually do is cause division with their hateful rhetoric.

That’s a nice thing to say from a big house and wealth. But the fact is that America is literally fighting for LIFE. Fighting to keep ourselves 
You mean like the libs have done for four years, I think not! They have never accepted the last election! .

There is zero chance of the country coming together. You have two candidates incapable of brining anyone outside of their loyalists together. This is the election of policy, not the person running.

Sounds great but tired of actors telling us how to behave when they’re not doing it. Nothing against McConaughy as a person. Also, it’s very hard to come together with people who are burning our country to the ground. Impossible, in fact.  

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